WeDemand is the best tool to sell meet and greets, VIP and pre-sales tickets.
Leverage WeDemand tools to identify fans and sell tickets directly to them.

Wedemand Guarantees

  • High ticket conversion
  • Competitive fees (7.5% of ticket price)
  • Flexible fee structure
  • Centralized sales and ability do charge fans in local currency across 92 countries
  • Cash form ticket sales within days*
  • Limited currency exposure to lcoal ticketing operators
  • Simple check-out process
  • Mobile ticketing for quick entry
  • Real-time sales tracking
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How it works


Generate antecipation for events

  • Engage fans through a demand campaign
  • Incentivize fan participation with rewards
  • Leverage fan driven promotion

Gather data insights to plan live events and tours

  • Analyze location-based, fan-generated data to predict attendance
  • Identify influential fans that amplify demand
  • Optimize tour route and venue size

Sell tickets directly to fans

  • Simplify marketing efforts
  • Convert demands into sales
  • Reward fans that participated in the demand campaign

Manage Sales Seamlessly

  • Consolidate sales across multiple events and geographies
  • View real-time and detailed reports
  • Receive cash faster

Retain Fanbase after the event

  • Re-engage WeDemand fanbase through e-mail and platform messaging tools
  • Analyze fanbase by region, engagement, dollars spent and more!
  • Promote new content and offerings to your superfans